Masonic Glossary – Usages

... you will preserve the ancient usages and customs of the Fraternity... The Usages of Freemasonry are those (usually) unwritten portions of custom and tradition which are observed in Lodge (or with a Brother outside of lodge). Some usages can be considered as an unwritten adjunct to or component of Masonic law. The dictionary ( … Continue reading Masonic Glossary – Usages

Masonic Glossary – Regular

... May all our irregular passions be subdued... The words regular and irregular, or variations of them appear throughout Masonic ritual, grand lodge codes and laws, in our charges, and in our obligations. "...a regularly constituted lodge...," " and all regular Masons...," "... May all our irregular passions be subdued...," "... regularly developed and illustrated … Continue reading Masonic Glossary – Regular