(Non-)Masonic Book Review: Think Like a Freak

Consider this book an extension of a study in the Trivium, particularly of logic and rhetoric. Think Like A Freak does an excellent job of encouraging one to simply think - to rethink assumptions to learn more about one's self and others.


(Non-)Masonic Book Review: The Art of Asking

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer is varied in the lessons and insights it presents. It is autobiographical, it is about the process and meaning of art, it is about the music industry, it is about PR, marketing, and community building in the internet age, … Continue reading (Non-)Masonic Book Review: The Art of Asking

Masonic Glossary – Regular

... May all our irregular passions be subdued... The words regular and irregular, or variations of them appear throughout Masonic ritual, grand lodge codes and laws, in our charges, and in our obligations. "...a regularly constituted lodge...," "...us and all regular Masons...," "... May all our irregular passions be subdued...," "... regularly developed and illustrated … Continue reading Masonic Glossary – Regular

How Does Freemasonry Make Good Men Better?

Those who inquire about the craft often receive an answer that includes mention of “a system of moral instruction,” “higher moral standards,” or most commonly how the fraternity seeks to “make good men better.” We say these things thinking about the brothers in our lodge, the working tools and other symbols, the degree work, lectures, … Continue reading How Does Freemasonry Make Good Men Better?