The Craftsman’s Library is intended to provide useful light to Masons, and help educate non-Masons on Freemasonry. My aim is to provide original content in the way of posts on Masonic topics, and, in particular, to provide book reviews from a Masonic perspective – especially of non-Masonic books, contextualizing them and relating the content to Freemasonry.

I am a Past Master and 32nd Degree Scottish Rite (Southern Jourisdiction) Freemason. It is my hope that my personal studies can be of benefit to others. I am no scholar, make no claims about my intellect, and am not as well read as many. I am simply a brother working to improve myself and my community using the tools provided by Freemasonry, and wish to share that journey with others.

My interests are broad and ever shifting, and will likely be somewhat represented in book selection for the blog. At the moment my main interests are self-improvement (performance, personal optimization, personal wellness, applied Freemasonry), and the brain (neuroscience, applied psychology, behavioral economics, etc.). I also do a lot of reading that isn’t represented on the blog, including fiction, health and nutrition, and a lot of technical materials.

This site uses Amazon affiliate links, where relevant, in the hope that those proceeds can fuel the endeavor by creating budget for purchasing more books and hopefully by covering some costs as the site develops and grows.

Thank you for visiting the site.