(Non-)Masonic Book Review: Sacred Geometry (Wooden Books)

I’m a fan of the books from Wooden Books. They have a somehow esoteric look and feel about them, while also feeling modern. I’ve got a couple and plan to get a few more.

Sacred Geometry opens with a very apt description –


Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space and differs from mundane geometry in the sense that its moves, concepts, and products are regarded as having symbolic value and meaning. Thus, like good music, the study and practice of geometry can facilitate the evolution of the soul.

Highlights of Masonic relevance in the book include geometrical and philosophical aspects of squaring the circle, construction of the ionic volute spiral (and other spirals), geometric constructions of arches, and many references to the ancient artists, masons, geometricians, and designers who employed the techniques within.

The geometric constructions can be a bit difficult to follow, but sufficient information is there to make the constructions an exercise for the reader.

This book, and others from this publisher, is a fun little book that’s quick to skim, and shines as a coffee-table book or similar point of interest.


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